The Manitou Incline

Check out this 3 minute video of an Incline ascent from a backpack's perspective:

Or see a flyover view by clicking HERE.


With the new changes to the incline a lot of people are missing the new connecting trail from the summit over to Barr Trail. Please do not follow the old path at all! The old trail is a major erosion problem. Follow the new trail established as a connector trail.


With the recent snows the trail up the Incline is often snow packed. What are the best options for traction?
Here are my quick rankings for the best choices:
1 - Screw Shoes - Simple, cost effective, lightweight, and won't fall off.
2 - Microspikes - Durable, easy, and great traction.
3 - Nanospikes - Really these are a tie with my number 2 recommendation, they're just better when there isn't as much snow.
No, Yaktrax don't make my list. They are not even durable enough to survive one trip up the incline for me.

How's your Incline time stack up?

Visit the Manitou Incline Time Tracker.

Incline is once again Open

Thank you to the city of Manitou and the many other people who helped to not only open the Incline to the public again, but make it a sustainable trail now!!

The Manitou Incline App

"Bring your climbing of the Manitou Incline to a new level. Track your climb on a realtime graph with your current location (with a pulsating marker beacon), realtime stats, and percent completed displayed along with verbal audio cues!


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